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    There has never been a peace-time census of the population of Bermania. It is not necessary from the standpoint of revenue as most of the Crown's income is derived from excise taxes, duties, and seigniorage on money. On the occasional instances of direct taxation, the taxes are donated by the nobles and the peasants strictly anonymously in order to gain the greatest moral benefit (as advised by Maimonides). Why then waste the labor recording how much each subject gives. How much he gives is his business alone, and not the King's, who would in fact be quite embarrassed if he knew.
    Nevertheless the Bermanian Ministry of State has found it expedient to record the population of Bermanian subjects-in-exile. This influential group has been growing in number since Stalin's 1945 invasion forced many Bermanians to flee their homes for the Mountainous Uplands and foreign lands. Most hold dual citizenship and a large number hold foreign noble titles, granted by His Majesty in his capacity as Orbis Terrae Nostri Imperator, in accordance with the 1544 accord between the Holy Roman and Ottoman Emperors.
    The following is a census of Bermanians-in-exile as of November 2008.

Name and
Title and/or Office
Documentation Since
0001 Alanus I, King of Bermania, &c. Succession 1976
0002 David, Grand Duke of New Jersey Proclaimation 1976
0003 Angela, Queen of Naples and Two Sicilies Proclaimation 1976
0004 Ittt I, Queen of Itt Proclaimation 1976
0005 Patricia, Countess of Polonia Proclaimation 1976
0006 Vitold, Grand Duke of Warsaw Proclaimation 1976
0007 Procopius II, Queen of Egypt Proclaimation 1976
0008 William I, King of Navarre Proclaimation 1976
0009 Marko, Grand Duke of Kiev Proclaimation 1976
0010 Salard I, King of Zambia Proclaimation 1976
0011 David I, King of Antarctica Proclaimation 1976
0012 David, Bishop of Cracow Proclaimation 1976
0013 Caroline, Princess of Russia Proclaimation 1976
0014 Linda, Countess of Ulster Proclaimation 1976
0015 Helen, Princess of Wales Proclaimation 1976
0016 David, Khan of the Crimea Proclaimation 1976
0017 Glenn of Lago Maggiore, Il Duce, Jr. Edict 1977
0018 Sir Anthony of the Loud Smile, KKB Proclaimation 1978
0019 Robert, Count of Litchfield Proclaimation 1979
0020 Michelle, Countess of Westchester Proclaimation 1979
0021 Dame Catherine of the Together Act, KKB, Prime Minister Proclaimation 1979
0022 Susan, Marquise of Bratislava Proclaimation 1979
0023 Robert, Noble Peasant Rebirthday card 1980
0024 Mary Alice, Noble Peasant Rebirthday card 1980
0025 Patricia, Noble Peasant Rebirthday card 1980
0026 Kate, Noble Peasant Rebirthday card 1980
0027 Madaline Thirise de la Croix et Mon Coeur, Noble Peasant Rebirthday card 1980
0028 Tania of the House of Shipov Rebirthday card 1980
0029 Samuel, Duke of Norfolk, Count of Calais and Tripoli Proclaimation 1980
0030 Sir Joseph of the Impatient Spirit, Grand Master of the Knights of the New World, Minister of Darkness, Privy Councellor for War Proclaimation 1980
0031 DeAnne, Empress of Persia, Queen of Armenia and Mechinka, Apostolic Queen of Hungary Proclaimation 1989
0032 Alexander of Montrose, Noble Peasant, BeGON Correspondance 1990
0033 Christine, Royal Princess of Mechinka Proclaimation 1991
0034 Charles, Lord High Admiral of Bermania Edict 1992
0035 Frederick I, King of the Belgians, Arch-moneyer of Bermania, Privy Councellor, Grand Master of the Sovereign Order of the Knights of Christmas Edict and Proclaimation 1992
0036 Michael of Fairfield, Noble Peasant Naturalization 1994
H037 Stephen I, Emperor of Mars Grant of Arms 1993
H038 Neil I, Emperor of Venus Grant of Arms 1993
0039 Theodore, Graf von Talladega Proclaimation 1994
0040 Sir Mokole M'Bembe III, Minister of Tourism and Cordiality Correspondance 1996
0041 Sir Mark of the Joyful Countenance, KNW Proclaimation 1996
0042 Louise Peregryne, Countess of Siena Proclaimation 1998
0043 Paul, Duke of North California, Protector of the Bay Proclaimation 1998
0044 Barbara, Queen of Bermania, Countess of Ulster-in-America, &c. Proclaimation 1998
0045 Darren of Suprina, Royal Food Taster Correspondance 1998
0046 David, Royal Court Chaplain Edict 1998
0047 Geoffrey, Herald of Bermania Edict 1998
0048 Tracy, Lady-in-Waiting of Ulster-in-America Official Greeting 1998
0049 Louis II, King Emeritus of Bermania N.Y.Times 1956
0050 Janet, Queen Mother of Bermania Official Greeting 1998
0051 Barry, Prince Consort of Itt Official Greeting 1998
0052 Michael, Prince of Itt Program 1998
0053 Sarah, Princess of Itt Program 1998
0054 Donald, Lord of Man Official Greeting 1998
0055 Alexa, Lady of Man Official Greeting 1998
0056 Robert, Baron of Greenfield Proclaimation 1999
0057 Angus Knox, Not Noble Peasant Naturalization 1999
0058 Joseph, Phoenix of the Island, Order of the Apron Edict 2000
0059 Lord Charles Furnace of the Treehouse Proclaimation 2000
0060 Lady Catherine Flameweaver of the Treehouse Proclaimation 2000
0061 Phyllis, Baroness of Greenfield Proclaimation 2000
0062 Craig of the Island Long and the Bear White, Lord of Four Pines Service 1998
0063 Brother Ambrose of The Abbey Scriptorium Naturalization 2001
0064 Meaghan Faun Suprina, Esquire Edict 2001
0065 Sir Perry of the Bombastic Utterance, KNW Proclamation 2001
0066 Lady Ashni Windrider, Chaoärch of Allegory Proclamation 2001
0067 Sarah Nameseeker, Baroness of Northampton, K.K.B. Proclamation 2001
0068 Hon. Jamie Suprina, Royal Food Taster Edict 2001
0069 Lord Brian Gil-O-Man, of the Foxes Most Black, All Named Jack Proclamation 2003
0070 Robert, Viscount of Ventadour, KKB Naturalization 2003
0071 Aemilia, Viscountess of Southfork Naturalization 2003
0072 Patrick, Baron of Brushwood Proclamation 2003
0073 Camden, Duchess of New Hampshire Proclaimation 2004
0074 David Myriad Naturalization 2004
0075 Diann, Baroness of Middlefield, Royal Webmistress
Naturalization 2004
0076 John W. Kemp III, Grand Minister & Plenipotentiary of the Cotton Republic Edict 2005
0077 Paul I, Emperor of Austria and Baron of Fairfield Proclaimation 2006
0078 Terrence, Archduke of Shamrock Proclaimation 2006
0079 Jaison Suprina Naturalization 2006
0080 Eric I, Grand Count of New Amsterdam Proclaimation 2006
0081 Heather Yukon, High Warden of Yosemite Imperial Forest Edict 2006
0082 Dr. Jean Kelley Naturalization 2007
0083 Sir. Robert of the Strong Tower, Knight-errant Proclaimation 2007
0084 Bloodsong, Queen of Mercia Proclaimation 2008
0085 Prince Kevin of Mercia Naturalization 2008
0086 Alexander, Page of Bermania Edict  2008
0087 David, Procurator of Nyack Edict  2008
0088 Michelle, Lady of the Lemurs Most Wise Correspondence 1998
0089 Prince Robert of Bermania Birth  2008
0090 Hon. John Burns, Royal Executioner and Lord High Character Assassin Edict  2009
0091 Kevin, Lord of the Refuge of St. Giles, Ambassador to the Holy See Proclamation  2010
0092 Michelle, Lady of the Lemurs Most Wise Proclamation  2010
0093 Douglas Nelson Profession 2010
0094 Angelica Nelson Profession  2010
0095 John, King of Arles and Patrician of Marseilles   Proclamation  2011
0096 Prince Marcus of Mercia Recognition 2011
0097 Princess Rebecca of Mercia Recognition 2011
0098 Michael, Duke of Missouri  Proclamation  2012
0099 Kenneth, Judge of the General Court of Currencies Edict 2012
0100 Oded Paz  Naturalization  2010
0101 Ursula, Burgravine of Munich  Proclamation  2015
0102 Nicholas Percival, Luminary  Royal Academy  2015
0103 Joseph, Keeper of the Royal Peahen  Edict  2015

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