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    Bermania is a small kingdom located in the East Balkans near the Danube River.  Founded in the days of the Byzantine Empire, it has always been small, is likely to never be anything but small and as far as we are concerned that's just ducky.  This foreign policy has worked very well for San Marino and we suspect it will work well for us.  Except for the period 1945 to 1997, Bermania has always been governed by a popular hereditary monarchy under the Royal House of Ursusvir, its original and only dynasty.  Under the Communist Occupation, when a Soviet-style forced "democracy" was imposed, elections were generally eschewed by the people, who habitually presented doctors' notes to avoid compulsary voting.  Fond of their traditional monarchy, voting for a ruler was seen as beneath the dignity of the Noble Peasants of Bermania.  They had over the centuries come to believe, frequently by happy experience, that it was the ruler's responsibility to conduct himself properly, and he ought not have to be told.   Participation in the government was all but refused by the Bermanian Peasantry.   When seats in the Supreme Soviet went unfilled Nikita Kruschev unsuccessfully attempted to remedy the situation by placing want ads in Bermanian newspapers.   Eventually he managed to fill several dozen seats through want ads placed in the Vladivostok edition of Pravda.  Nobody wants to live in Vladivostok.

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His Majesty Alanus I, King of Bermania

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Her Majesty Queen Barbara of Bermania

His Highness, Robert, Princeof Bermania

The King of Bermania rules with the guidance of the Privy Council.  Each member of the Privy Council is chosen from the titled Nobility (usually).  Appointments to both civil and noble positions are based on character, loyalty, ability and personality.  At any given time the members of the Privy Council may be either resident in Bermania or in exile with the King, one member being incorporial.  According to feudal tradition, noble titles are often, but not necessarily inherited.  However Knighthoods and civil titles are not.

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Prime Minister Dame Catherine of the Together Act,
Knight of the Kingdom of Bermania

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Sir Joseph of the Impatient Spirit, Grand Master of the Knights of the New World,
Privy Councellor for War, Minister of Darkness

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Frederick, King of the Belgians,
Grand Master of the Sovereign Order of the Knights of Christmas,
Archmoneyer of the Kingdom of Bermania

Sir Mokoli M'Bembe III, Knight of the Kingdom of Bermania,
Minister of Tourism and Cordiality

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